Have you ever dreamed of planting and harvesting your own food with your own hands? If yes, you have come to the right place. The UT Concho Community Garden seeks to provide you the micro-level opportunity to re-establish the natural link between you and the food you ingest. 

Mission Statement:

To serve as vibrant resource for the community by promoting the practices of: community gardening, sustainable agriculture, & environmental cooperation. We seek to provide an open space for the forging of a community that grows with one another, the exploration of important environmental topics, and connecting to nature through food.

Become a part of the Concho Community:

What’s Growin’, Good Lookin’?unnamed-1

We currently have:

  • Newly constructed cedar-wood plots, including individual plots, teaching plots, and student organization plots
  • Community areas with plenty of seasonal and organic vegetables, herbs and fruit trees
  • Native plants
  • Tools for plot owner and volunteer use
  • Rain water collecting systems
  • Lil’ Gardeners classes: we provide weekly classes to children from the UT Child Development Center
  • Many more projects and improvements to come

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